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Change for the better

Successful change is not a simplistic process, and requires a holistic approach, according
to consultancy WeDeliverChange’s Martin Taylor.

Achieving successful change requires engagement with all stakeholders, facilitating sponsorship and support for the change, detailed planning to define timescales, resources, impacts and expectations, and successful delivery to ensure the benefits of the change are realised. To facilitate this change requires a combination of key factors:

  • shared vision and strategy
  • effective leadership and management
  • a culture that supports and embraces change
  • employee involvement and participation
  • ongoing, open communication
  • focusing on changes that will have a significant positive impact
  • a consistent approach for introducing and embedding change.

Many companies find it extremely challenging improving their business operations while trying to grow. They are also very often unrealistic about what can be achieved with scarce resources. Common issues are as follows:

  • insufficient resources for business improvements
  • initiative overload
  • improving the effectiveness of new initiatives
  • gaining the benefits from a recent
  • acquisition
  • aligning IT with the business.

Coordinating the process, people and technology impacts of a major business change, to ensure successful delivery of defined objectives aligned with the overall business strategy, is a major undertaking that requires specialist skills and a successful approach.

WeDeliverChange is an independent change management consultancy, providing practical advice and a proven approach to sustainable change.

We have years of management experience, across a range of business sectors, leading companies through periods of major change or specific business improvements. Our tried and tested methods are tailored to individual client needs. This ensures their strategic objectives are achieved by recommending changes that relate to their strategy, are prioritised to fit the client’s capabilities and timescale and are understood and embraced by the employees.

WeDeliverChange uses an easy to understand, holistic, approach, applying a framework called ChangeRoutemap. This structured approach to the successful implementation of change ensures your business achieves value from your investment.

Incorporating people, process and technology elements, the change management planning framework is practical and adaptable. Beginning with a stakeholder analysis, a number of plans are compiled considering all impacts of the change, to minimise risk and ensure that the change is properly planned.

The process of completing the framework starts with answering the following questions, setting the context of the change:

  • Where have we been?
  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to get to?
  • How will we get there?
  • How will we know we have arrived?

The remainder of the framework provides a structured approach to responding to the penultimate question, ‘How will we get there?’. ChangeRoutemap is supplied with a toolkit and specific examples in each section. It can easily integrate with existing change management frameworks and does not require additional software. This straightforward approach is adaptable to the individual requirements and aims of each client and each project.

The approach has been successfully deployed in major business improvement programmes, including process improvement, aligning information technology with the business and acquisitions, covering initial due diligence and the integration of the acquired businesses.

We are passionate about successful change delivery for our clients. This is achieved through open discussion and questioning with all relevant parties. Leadership of the management team is provided throughout the change process, ensuring employee involvement and understanding, which is vital to success.

Many companies find it extremely challenging improving their business operations while trying to grow.

Martin Taylor