Case Studies

Private Sector - Engineering

Automating an international consultancy’s management information systems

Leadership and the rigorous application of change management tools ensured the new system satisfied the needs of this engineering Practice and external auditors.

Peter Brett Associates LLP, a leading engineering consultancy, had a paper-based quality and environmental management system which had been developed over many years and discussions had been ongoing regarding the introduction of an electronic system to improve efficiency and provide automatic management information. This system would also be developed to include the capture of pre-project bidding information to enable a greater understanding of the organisations tendering process. The system development would also be the first stage in developing a broader Practice Management System. A project team had been in operation and had put thought into defining the likely scope of such a system, but the organisation needed strong support to bring clarity and experience to their aspirations, translate this into delivery and provide day-to-day leadership to take the project forward.

WeDeliverChange was requested to provide leadership to this important business change, establish an agreed way forward and implement the first phase of the electronic system, which comprised tracking and documenting opportunities, proposals and quality plans for all new projects. After initial analysis, it became clear that the people the system was intended for had not been directly engaged, so presentations were undertaken in all UK offices.

Significant feedback was obtained, resulting in a number of system changes. This feedback was fully documented and communicated and made available on the intranet. A detailed change plan was compiled and regular communications were effected to all stakeholders, ensuring they were kept updated with progress.

The change delivery team was revised and a strategic group established to ensure the system was developed to fit the needs of the Practice as well as external Audit requirements. Regular progress meetings were held and Practice Management System advisers were established in every UK office establishing a vital link with the business.

A significant training programme was undertaken, with the system manual available on the intranet, and the first regional office went live on schedule. The regional office roll-out was completed on schedule, followed by a post-change appraisal where learning points were discussed, agreed and communicated. Following further internal customer feedback, further enhancements have been made to the system, which is now providing valuable management information to the Practice.

WeDeliverChange assumed responsibility for this important business change and following reorganisation of the delivery team has led the successful implementation on schedule.

The introduction of an electronic Quality and Environmental Management system has improved efficiency and is providing valuable information to improve the understanding of our tendering activities and the operation of our projects.”

Mark Hammersley, Quality Partner Peter Brett Associates LLP