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Holistic approach to change used to improve frontline efficiency

West Midlands Police Mobile Information Programme began with extensive stakeholder engagement and process improvements to establish meaningful trials.

WeDeliverChange led the Mobile Information Programme for West Midlands Police, the second largest force in the UK. This is part of the Home Office initiative to use mobile technology to improve the efficiency of frontline policing and promote visibility on the street.

A holistic approach has been taken with significant stakeholder engagement, detailed planning, communications and supplier management to ensure deployment within a short timescale. All aspects of the change – not just the software and devices – have been considered and due diligence undertaken, including reference discussions with other forces.

Trials have been undertaken with over 70 frontline officers using different software solutions on several different personal digital assistants (PDAs). Processes have been reviewed and improvements identified to ensure that inefficiencies are removed before potential mobilisation.

“Mobile Information is the best managed and most exciting business change I have been involved in during my 23 years as a Police officer.”

Kevin Doyle, Chief Inspector – West Midlands Police

“WeDeliverChange has been the driving force that has brought West Midlands Police into the 21st Century through the introduction and development of mobile information technology. The commitment of Martin Taylor and his vision of successful change management has ensured that the project has moved forward even in difficult times. His leadership will ensure that the service utilises technology that will improve trust and confidence in the police and deliver efficiency savings that make a difference.”

Lee Bartram, Acting Inspector – West Midlands Police

“Martin has constantly impressed me with his efficiency, attention to detail, and an overwhelming ability to make everything come together at the right time. Martin will tell you quite happily that he is an expert at what he does, the thing is… he is. I am very aware that without Martin’s work on the Mobile Information Programme, we simply wouldn’t have got to where we are.”

Steve Oliver, Acting ICT Communications Manager – West Midlands Police

Newsbeat, the newsletter of West Midlands Police, has been keeping the whole force up to date with regular articles on this Mobile Information Programme.

Short Extracts from Newsbeat West Midlands Police Newsletter on the Mobile Information Programme

Quote from one of the officers helping to deliver the Mobile Information Programme trials from F3,Thornhill Road operational command unit (OCU).

Sergeant Bartram said: “Officers from Handsworth and Lozells who will use the mobile data terminals are genuinely excited to be involved in this trial. The introduction of the mobile data technology to the F3 OCU will allow officers to improve community engagement and increase visibility. This project will firmly place the OCU in the 21st century and ensure that the OCU remains at the forefront of modern policing.

Superintendent Steve Anderson, partnerships manager at Thornhill Road, said: “The F3 is pleased to have been chosen as a pilot OCU for mobile data. I am confident that mobile data offers tremendous potential for patrolling staff, allowing them to significantly cut down on radio traffic for information and more importantly, having to return to police bases to use force systems on a desktop computer.

Clearly we must make the right choice about which device to buy, and I am convinced that if a device works for officers on the F3, then it will work almost anywhere.

In the initial phase, which finished in July, 64 handheld devices were given to officers on patrol. The overall programme aims are to reduce bureaucracy and increase the amount of time spent out of the station. During the three month trial, the devices were used to carry out:

  • 1794 PNC vehicle checks
  • 1295 PNC nominal checks
  • 354 voters checks

A second trial is being undertaken to compare WMP’s preferred option – Beat Systems – with the Arqiva trial that was run simultaneously in Warwickshire.