Change Routemap

We have developed the Change Routemap – a 7-step overarching approach to deliver successful organisational change. The main elements are:

  1. Change Specification / Scope
  2. Strategy and Objectives alignment
    • Clear linkages to overall business strategy and objectives
  3. Sponsorship and Critical Success Factors
    • Executive sponsorship
    • Defined critical success factors for change
  4. Impacts of Change
    • Process impacts
    • People impacts
    • Technology impacts
  5. Planning and Delivering the Change
    • Stakeholder engagement and management
    • Communications plan (linked to stakeholder plan)
    • Resources plan
    • Risk plan
    • Training plan
    • Test/pilot plan
    • Security plan
    • Implementation plan
  6. Progress Review
    • Strategic Board
    • Change Team
    • Ongoing review and learning
  7. Embed
    • Embed the change
    • Post-change review and learning

This approach has been used to deliver many successful business changes, including major process improvements, software application deployments, IT strategy and post-acquisition business integration.